Industries Served

We run many parts for different industries, some of which are listed below.

We develop technologically advanced capabilities to manufacture some of the most complex plastic products in the markets we serve.


Aircraft Industry

Parason specializes in insulators for sensitive equipment on aircraft.


Aerospace Industry

Many PTFE & High Performance Plastics work well in this field where weight is a consideration.


Packaging Industry

Our extremely smooth finishes work well in mixing chambers for packaging.


Telecomm Industry

Parason makes the PTFE insulators for cell towers and equipment used in the telecomm industry.


Connector Industry

Parason Machine has made insulators for the connector industry for over 25 years.


Dental Industry

We make parts out of PTFE & PCTFE for gages and other equipment used in the Dental Industry.


Electronic Industry

We manufacture thin-walled parts for capacitors used in MRI machines and other sensitive equipment.


Medical Industry

Parason Machine manufactures extremely small parts out of PTFE for use with fiber optics


Laboratory Equipment

We make ferrules & connectors to connect the glass piping used in laboraories.