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Parasons Equipment
Parasons Equipment

Our Machining Equipment

Parason Machine specializes in PTFE and all high performance plastics in round rods, tubes & more. With our extensive list of equipment, we are capable of handling large volume jobs. Our list of machining equipment includes the items listed below.

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Strohm M45 Machines

Strohm M45 Machines are designed to produce very intricate miniature parts, holding extremely tight tolerances while producing parts at a rate of 4 to 6 seconds each. The maximum material diameter these machines can run is 3/16" or .187" diameter. There is virtually no machine that can compete with the Strohm M45 Machines. Because of it's size, it is the most efficient machine for making very small parts with extremely tight tolerances. If you need small parts made exactly the same, from the 1st piece to the millionth piece, these are the machines.

Parasons Machining 1

Strohm M125 Machines

The Strohm M125 Machine has a capacity of up to 1/2" diameter. The average cycle is around 6 seconds per part, making it even more competitive than any other machine out there today that has the same capacity, cam machine or CNC. On average the Strohm M125 can produce 30% to 50% more parts than their competitors with a more consistent dimensional accuracy, burr-free with great surface finishes

Parasons Machining 1

Strohm M255 Machines

These are our largest capacity Swiss Strohm machines. They can machine up to 1" diameter material and are more efficient than the same size. CNC machines, while also being very competiive in price. Strohm 255 can out produce the CNC machines by 3 to 1, all the while producing very consistent parts from the first to the last, all parts being exact.

Parasons Machining 1

Secondary Machines

Quantity Equipment Type
Three(3) 1 1/16" diameter Handscrews Hardinge DSM 59
Two(2) Drill Presses Do All
Three(3) Speed Lathes Overbeck

Tool Room (Grinders)

Quantity Equipment Type
Two (2) 6 x 12 Surface Grinder Boyar Schultz
Two(2)  7" Diamond, Carbide Tool Grinder Agathon
Two(2) Pedestal Grinder  
Two(2) Bench Grinder  

Centerless Grinders

Quantity Equipment Type
Two(2) PG-12x4 Centerless Grinder Royal Master

Inspection Equipment

Quantity Equipment Type
Two(2) Micro Vu Comparators Spectra 14 Floor Models
Four(4) Micro Vu Comparators Block & Contours
Twenty Eight(28) 1" Micrometer Starrett
Eight (8) 1"-2" Micrometer Starrett & Mitutoyo
Six(6) 2"-3" Micrometer Starrett & Mitutoyo
Eight(8) 6" Verniers Mitutoyo
Twenty Four(24) 1"-2" Drop Indicators & Stands  
Four(4) Sets Pin Gages +.0002/-.0000 from .010"
to .500" & from .501" to 1.00"
One(1) ID Air Gage Fed. Dimensionair
One(1) Surftest SJ-210 (surface finish tester) Mitutoyo