(formerly known as Kel-F)

PCTFE is a homopolymer of chlorotrifluoroethylene, which is a homopolymer with properties not usually found in other fluoropolymer resins. Some of these properties include compressive strength and an exceptional resistance to cold flow.

  High compressive strength

  Non-flammable and relatively unaffected by most corrosive chemicals.

  Excellent elastic memory. Deforms slightly under load but will recover when the load is removed. As with most thermoplastics, its physical strength will decrease as the temperature increases.

  Maintains its excellent electrical insulating capability through thermal cycling and high humidity

  High optical transmittance, low haze and low gas and moisture vapor transmission. Non-wetting and zero moisture absorption. Dimensional stability unaffected by high humidity and under prolonged immersion in water.

  Excellent cut-through resistance remains flexible, and can be bent without cracking at extremely low temperatures.