Plastics Machining Services

Parason Machine Inc. offers complete machining services for all high performance plastics, including Delrin, PTFE, Colored plastics and more. Contact us today for all of your Plastics machining needs. For more information on any of our service please enter below.


Product Capabilities

Parason Machine can manufacture thin wall, small complex, colored PTFE and other high performance plastic parts.


Two Centerless Grinders

We have two centerless grinders for all of your PTFE and  high performance plastics needs.


For Unique Needs

Our secondary operations department can handle operations that cannot be done during automatic machining.

Click here for a list of materials we machine & grind

Capacitor Company

We had been having our parts made by a supplier whose reject rate was 40-50%! And our parts are now at a 100% acceptance rate

Current Customer

We have been trying to get this PTFE part made for 20 years, and no one has been able to accomplish this until now!