ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)

ABS is an opaque engineering thermoplastic that is tough and rigid with high impact strength. It has low water absorption and is resistant to many acids and alkalis for medium concentration.

Performance Characteristics:
  • Outstanding impact resistance
  • High impact strength – strong and stiff
  • Easy to thermoform
  • Easy to machine – ideal for turning, drilling, milling, sawing, die cutting
  • Easy to bond with adhesives
  • Low cost
  • Low water absorption
  •  Resistant to chemicals (alkalis, acids, inorganic salts, acids, some oils)
  • FDA approved
  • Models and prototypes
  • Good insulators
  • Fittings and pipe works
  • Instrument panels
  • Communications equipment
  • Marine applications
  • Orthodontic applications