Centerless Grinding Services

Here at Parason Machine we have the capacity to grind all high performance plastic rods to any diameter while holding +/- .0002” tolerance on diameters of .750” down to .125” diameter. We will quote materials with more open tolerances, the most common being +/- .0005” which is less expensive to grind than +/- .0002”.


Parason Machine centerless grinding service is known for being able to hold very tight tolerances.

High Performance Plastics

At Parason we are able to grind all types of high performance plastic rods.


Our staff is highly training in setting up and running the machines
Environmental Safety

Environmental concerns are very important to us at Parason. Whenever possible we recycle the scrap from our machines to lessen the impact on landfills. Our waste machine oil is filtered and reused when possible and then disposed of according to state and federal regulations , all paperwork on file. Other chemicals used in the cleaning process are also carefully collected and disposed of via an environmental service company. In this way we are able to machine quality parts efficiently, producing the least amount of waste products possible. This helps keep recycling down to a minimum.

Smooth as Glass Finishes

We run up to 10' bars and give very good finishes on the final pass - some have said our finishes are "smooth as glass". Turnaround can be accomplished as quickly as 2 days depending on how many feet need to be ground.

Types of Plastic Rods We Grind