Secondary Operations

Our secondary department is always ready to meet our customers’ needs for operations that cannot be done during the primary operation on the Swiss automatics. The department consists of Hardinge handscrews, speed lathes and assorted drill presses. We offer secondary operations as a stand alone service designed to meet our customers most strict requirements.

Environmental Safety

Environmental concerns are very important to us at Parason. Whenever possible we recycle the scrap from our machines to lessen the impact on landfills. Our waste machine oil is filtered and reused when possible and then disposed of according to state and federal regulations , all paperwork on file. Other chemicals used in the cleaning process are also carefully collected and disposed of via an environmental service company. In this way we are able to machine quality parts efficiently, producing the least amount of waste products possible. This helps keep recycling down to a minimum.

Secondary Operation Department

In our Secondary Department, we do cross drilling, slotting, chamfering, and counterboring on the back end of parts when we can not do  in the primary operation.

Cross Drilling: This is when you drill through the OD of the part into or through the ID of the part.

Counterboring: Counterboring is done in a Secondary Operation when the part is too long to be “picked up” on the primary machine. The counterbore is then done on a Hardinge Lathe as a Secondary Operation.

Milling: We mill squares, rectangles, key slots, and notches on parts for assembly. This helps with the location of the part in the assembly process.

Chamfering: This usually means putting a 45° angle corner break on the back side of the ID unless it is specifically called out as a different angle, such as a 30°, 35° etc. We would give it our standard 45° corner break.

Slotting: This is when a specific width and depth is called out on a part, either for a location or to stop the part from spinning. Also, slots are put on parts to be used with a screw driver or other insertion tool.

We also do deep hole drilling on our Hardinge Lathes, up to 6″. We are capable of holding less than .001″ runout from end to end.

We have the capability of pressing shafts into pullies when requested.

This is a sampling of what we do in our Secondary Operations Department. We have the capacity to do more than this. If you have us quote your needs, we can most likely do whatever you require.